What To Bring On Fiji Fishing Charters

By admin

If this is your first time hiring Fiji fishing charters, you're probably confused about exactly what you need to bring. While the items supplied will vary between charter companies, in general you should plan to bring most personal items and be sure to ask about specific fishing gear and tackle requirements.

Personal Items

• Sunscreen: At least SPF 50 as most charters are either half or full day, meaning anywhere from 4-8 hours or maybe even longer on the water.
• Hat: Ball cap or sombrero, your choice. Just remember that the sun is going to be beating down on your scalp for several hours.
• Polarized sunglasses: The polarization is critical as it cuts the sun's glare and allows you to see below the surface of the water.
• Swimming attire: Especially if you booked a combination fishing and snorkeling charter, you will spend part of your time fishing and part of your time exploring the reef.
• Extra change of clothes
• Towels
• Moist wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizer
• Comfortable shoes: Deck shoes or well-made water/sport sandals are ideal. They will get wet and possibly bloody and you will be in them for several hours, so comfort and easy clean-up are important.
• Camera: Do NOT forget a camera! Don't count on being able to use your phone camera, as some charters do not allow them due to the GPS capability and the captain's desire to keep their favorite fishing spots secret. When in doubt, be sure to bring a standard camera in a waterproof bag. Specialty waterproof covers are available for high-end cameras, but a plastic zipper bag works just as well in a pinch.
• Booze: Most charters supply a cooler full of water, but if you and your buddies want to enjoy a couple cold ones on your trip, be sure to bring your own cooler and alcohol.
• Food and snacks: Depending on how long you'll be out, be sure to bring some food. Some charters will supply lunch if you book a full day excursion, but be sure to ask so that you're prepared either way.

Fishing Gear

Most Fiji fishing charters are fully equipped with the rods, reels, tackle, lures, and bait you'll need for your trip. Of course, be sure to ask about any exceptions. For example, if you're going after GT, some charters may require you to bring your own heavy tackle and lures due to the high risk of losing a few to the notorious reef bullies.

When you're ready to book Fiji fishing charters, contact the experienced crew at Fiji Fishing Charters. We provide everything you need for an enjoyable day on the water and we look forward to fishing with you!