Tips For Reef Fishing In Fiji

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Tips For Reef Fishing In Fiji

Reef Fishing
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Reef fishing in Fiji can be one of the greatest experiences for an avid fisherman. May through October, packs of wahoo are abundant along the Great Astrolabe Barrier Reef, and a day on the reef during this time can be a heart-pumping, muscle-testing adventure you'll not soon forget. Throughout the rest of the year, the reefs around the islands are home to hundreds of species of fish.

Reef fishing can be tricky, so if you're not experienced, it's usually best to hire a guide. Follow these tips to get the most from your reef fishing adventure.

1) Know Your Quarry - If you're trolling during wahoo season, the right gear is key. With wahoo weighing up to 45.36 kg and greedy sailfish often crowding the waters, local guides usually recommend rigging lures on 56.25 kg 49 strand wire to withstand the pull of the fast fish. Wahoo tend to prefer lures over bait, and a guide will be able to show you some very specific lures that are the best at landing wahoo.

When fishing other popular species such as trevally, Spanish mackerel, rainbow runner, yellow fin tuna, skipjack tuna, and barracuda, fresh bait is preferable and most have seasons when they're more prolific on the reefs.

2) Monitor Wind and Weather - When reef fishing, it's important to be able to keep the boat over the reef, so wind and weather play an important role. This is where having an experienced captain aboard is particularly important to your success.

3) Find the Reef - and the Fish! - If you're not going out with a guide, you'll first need to find the reefs. While there is no shortage of them around the islands, some are more bountiful than others. Purchase a map with GPS coordinates, or use a depth finder to locate active reefs. 

4) Use the Right Equipment - In general, braided line is preferable when reef fishing due to its resistance to abrasion - an important consideration when fishing over sharp reefs. Because reef fishing is done near the bottom, a sufficient sinker should be used to sink the line, swivel, hook and bait all the way to the bottom.

Reef fishing in Fiji is an exciting and satisfying day spent on the water. For more tips or to book a local guide for your excursion, contact Fiji Fishing Charters.