The 5 Best Things About Fishing In Fiji

By admin

For many big game anglers, fishing in Fiji is the high point of the sport. This relatively small area in the South Pacific is the destination of choice for game fishing enthusiasts.

Reasons vary, but centre on a common theme: great weather, plenty of game and an environment that offers a rewarding challenge. Below, you'll find a summary of the top 5 reasons to fish in Fiji. Any one of them can make for a gratifying experience. Together, they all but guarantee you'll enjoy a thrilling Fiji fishing vacation you'll remember for years to come.

#1 – Variety Of Game Fish Species

The waters surrounding the Mamanuca islands host an underwater ecosystem teeming with black marlin, wahoo, giant trevally, mahi mahi and Spanish mackerel. Interested in bagging a few GTs? Care to pit your fishing skills against the fast-moving wahoo? Or maybe you'd like to haul in some mahi mahi for that evening's dinner?

Whatever the case, you'll have your chance while fishing in Fiji.

#2 – Ideal Game Fishing Environment

Imagine a perfect day spent on the water. The sun is shining; the weather is warm; the water is smooth. Meanwhile, your fishing charter is outfitted with a range of amenities designed to accommodate your needs and ensure your comfort.

That's the experience you can expect when you visit Fiji. The world-class fishing is matched by a gorgeous backdrop, pleasant climate and convenient comforts.

#3 – Close Proximity To Top-Tier Resorts

The top Fiji fishing charters that fish the Mamanuca reefs cater to guests staying at a number of first-class resorts located on nearby islands. For example, if you're staying at Liku Liku, Wadigi or the Namotu Island Resort, the boat will pick you up right outside your accommodations.

#4 – Year-Round Game Fishing

Many fish species in Fiji are in abundance during certain times of the year. For example, Spanish Mackerel are easy to find during the dry season (July through October). Mahi mahi can often be found during the wet season (November through April). Meanwhile, giant trevally occupy the waters year-round.

Regardless of when you visit Fiji, the reefs just off the Mamanuca islands' shores always present potential prey.

#5 – Enjoy Your Catch For Dinner

Game fishing in Fiji is its own reward. Tracking your prey, catching it on your lure and hauling it aboard your charter boat is an exhilarating experience.

But it gets even better.

You'll have the option of taking your catch back to your resort and enjoying it for that evening's meal. You'll savour every bite knowing firsthand the time and effort that made it possible.

For devoted game fishers, there aren't many experiences that rival fishing in Fiji. We've covered a few of the reasons enthusiasts visit the area each year. When you're ready to plan your own fishing vacation, reserve your spot on one of the premier fishing charters in Fiji.