Six Most Popular Game Fish In Fiji

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Game fish are sought after by sport fishermen around the world. Most of them are edible species, though some anglers are really after the thrill of the run and capture, and choose to release their catches after snapping some brag photos. Here in Fiji, we’ve got many of the world’s favourite salt water game fish species, so whether you’re looking for a trophy, a delicious haul, or the primal challenge of man against nature, you’ll find your bliss in Fiji.

Fiji’s Most Popular Game Fish

Marlin – Black, Striped, and Pacific Blue Marlins are all native to Fijian waters, though the Pacific Blue are the most common catch. Marlins are cunning and fierce fish, and will prove a deeply satisfying challenge to even the most experienced angler. Marlins make beautiful trophies!

Giant Trevally (GT) – GT are another species that provide a serious challenge to fishermen because they put up a smart fight. They’re notorious for grabbing bait then darting back into the rock to try to break the line off. GT meat makes great sashimi, and they’re delicious when marinated and pan-fried!

Tuna – You’ll find Dogtooth, Yellowfin, and Skipjack tuna in the waters surrounding Fiji. The Dogtooths are prey for the patient angler. They like to follow the bait, but it takes skill to get them to actually bite. If you’re fortunate enough to land one, you can enjoy it grilled with tomatoes as you watch the sun set! Yellowfin and Skipjack put up an epic fight, but if you come out victorious, you’ve got fresh, perfect poke, and tuna steaks for months!

Pacific Sailfish – Like Marlins, Pacific Sailfish are highly prized as trophies because of their exquisite coloration, rapier-like bills, and impressive dorsal fins. They also put up an impressive fight, so if you manage to hook one, be prepared to match wills and skills with this worthy opponent!

Wahoo – Wahoo make for a lively challenge; they’re incredibly fast! You may not see them coming, but you’ll definitely know when they bite, and they’ll give you the run of your life. When you land your Wahoo, you’re in for a real treat; the light, sweet meat is perfect grilled or lightly battered and pan-fried.

Mahimahi – Also commonly known as Dolphinfish, Mahimahi are a riot of colours and acrobatic attitude. They’re smaller than some of the other game fish in our waters, so you can fish them without massive tackle and without the intense workout you get from larger game fish. Mahimahi is best served lightly seared with a tropical fruit chutney.

Fiji is Waiting for You

The sport fishing experience of a lifetime is right here in Fiji. When you’re not out on the boat stalking your next meal or hunting that trophy for the wall above your bar, you can relax and enjoy the sweet tropical breezes, the breathtaking sunsets, and the white, sandy beaches next to water so blue your eyes won’t believe it. At Namotu Island Resort, we’ve got everything you need to enjoy your island time to the fullest, and expert fishing guides and our own charter boat to help you make the most of your sport fishing vacation.