Reef Fishing Tips In Fiji - Fishing Technology

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Targeted Reef Fishing Tips For Savvy Anglers

Last month we gave you some top-level reef fishing tips. Now let's go a little deeper and explore some really targeted reef fishing tips that savvy anglers employ to make the most of their time on the water in Fiji.

Keeping Up With The Times

The first thing to keep in mind is that fishing has drastically changed over the past 10 years. While the reefs around Fiji are home to thousands of fish, the truth is that fish stocks are declining and the habits of species are changing. Jumping in your boat with some basic tackle and cruising around the reef is no longer enough. Savvy fishermen have learned how to use technology to their advantage to hone in on where the fish are and what specific techniques to use to get them.

Network For Research

Networking is a valuable tool when doing your pre-trip research. For example, a one-time hotspot will not always be hot. Before you go out, ping your fishing buddies and see if anyone has intel on your quarry. If you're just visiting, tap into other forms of networking like visiting the local bait shops and marinas, or even online forums, chatrooms and social media groups dedicated to reef fishing in Fiji. Ask very specific questions about the day's conditions, bait, and any other tips you can glean from other successful anglers. 

Go High-Tech

Before heading out, check your online resources and make sure your electronics are properly working. Sites like provide real-time sea surface temp charts and satellite images, extended forecasts, and 3D images of seamounts. On board, sounders and GPS have come a long way and some sportsmen consider them crucial to their success. Today's high quality sounders even have the ability to estimate the weight of a school and then track it, allowing you to go where the fish are, every time. Fishing spots, or waypoints, are the shared language among fishermen, and a reliable and accurate GPS will get you there without fail.

Expect The Unexpected

Just because you're chasing one species doesn't mean you shouldn't be ready to seize the opportunity should you cross paths with something just as appealing. This goes back to doing your homework and knowing what fish are in what spots at what time of year - and - how to catch them. Having various types of bait on hand and several outfits rigged and ready to cast means fewer missed opportunities.

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