How To Choose The Right Fishing Reel

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How To Choose The Right Fishing Reel

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If you're getting ready to hit the water for some world-famous sport fishing in Fiji, the right gear will make all the difference. With so many reels on the market, how do you choose the right one? The answer often lies in where you will be fishing and what quarry you're chasing.
What Size Reel Do You Need?
The reel size is indicated by a number, with the smaller numbers being smaller reels. The caveat to this is that manufacturers may brand their reels differently. A 25 from one manufacturer might be the same as a 2500 from another, although they are actually the same size reel.
Small spinning reels - 10/1000, 25/2500, 30/3000, 35/350/3500

These reels are suitable for light fishing in rivers, lakes and bays.

Medium spinning reels - 40/4000, 50/5000, 45/450/4500, 55/550/5500

These reels are suitable for medium fishing that expands to light offshore boat fishing.

Large spinning reels - 70/7000, 80/8000, 12,000, 14,000, 16,000, 18,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 65/650/6500, 75/750/7500, 85/850/8500, 95/950/9500, 10500
These reels are suitable for large fishing from boats, beaches and around rocks. Some get too large and cumbersome to comfortably cast from land and are recommended only for boats.

Where Are You Fishing?

In Fiji, you can choose to hire a fishing charter for the day to take you out on the reefs or deep sea, or you can cast straight from the beach. Reef fishing requires more line to reach greater depths, so a larger reel on an equipped fishing boat is preferable. When beach surf fishing, casts are typically much shorter so a smaller reel you can comfortably hold and cast works best.

What Are You Fishing?

If you've got your eye on large game fish in Fiji such as mahimahi, tuna, and GT, you'll need a large reel upwards of 12,000. Smaller reels can accommodate smaller fish close to shore.

If you're confused by what type of reel you should choose, a local guide at Fiji Fishing Charters can help you select one that's right for your needs.