How To Choose The Right Fishing Line

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How To Choose The Right Fishing Line

Fishing Line

Like all types of fishing gear, there is no one-size-fits-all line that is guaranteed to land you a prized catch. However, each type of line has distinct characteristics and situations where it might be preferred over another.

Let's take a look at the two main types of fishing line we use here in Fiji: monofilament and braided.

Monofilament Fishing Line

Probably the most commonly recognized fishing line, monofilament is a single strand of clear nylon polymer. It is nearly invisible in the water yet visible in the sun above the water; it floats, and is more flexible than other types of line. Monofilament comes in a variety of colors that can be used in specific situations; for example, green monofilament works well in waters with heavy vegetation in rivers and lakes, whereas a clear/blue fluorescent is the color of choice for ocean fishing in the sun.

Monofilament line is a strong, flexible material that comes in a variety of kg test options so that you can match your quarry with the line to minimize the risk of breakage. The flexibility is useful when trolling and you need a little extra time to set the hook in a soft-mouthed fish. Monofilament is not ideal for reef and rock fishing because it will easy break against the sharp rocks, and sensitivity is diminished at greater depths.

Braided Fishing Line

Made from ultra-strong and lightweight Spectra or Dyneema polyethylene fiber, braided fishing line offers the ultimate in abrasion resistance and sensitivity. Ideal for reef and rock fishing, braided line is far more durable against rough surfaces, and even at the bottom of the reef the line will quiver at light touches because it has virtually no flexibility.

Braided fishing line also comes in various colors; however, multiple strands are almost always going to be visible under the water. For this reason, many anglers choose to use a lead line around skittish fish who are leery to strike.

Let A Pro Help You Choose

It can be overwhelming standing in the fishing line aisle at your local sporting goods store. If you're new to fishing, chartering a fishing boat and local guide is a great way to get to know the waters around Fiji and what kind of fishing line is best for catching our world-famous game fish. Contact Fiji Fishing Charters today to learn more or book your excursion.