How To Choose The Best Rod And Reel For Fiji Sport Fishing

By admin

Choosing the right rod and reel for your dream trip to Fiji depends on what you hope to catch. The astounding waters around Fiji are home to a huge variety of game fish, from wily Marlins and Pacific Sailfish to lightning-fast Wahoo and Mahimahi with their crazy acrobatic antics. Here’s some food for thought when you are considering your purchase:

Rod Construction and Action

The primary materials for sport fishing rods are fibreglass, graphite, and composite. Fibreglass is extremely strong, so it’s a great choice for larger fish that will put up a serious fight, but it offers less feedback than graphite; it’s less sensitive. Graphite rods bend more and offer greater feedback, which is good for setting hooks, and dealing with softer-mouthed fish that tend to un-hook. It’s also a lighter weight material with faster action. If you’re after larger fish, fibreglass might be the better choice. If you’re looking to catch smaller, faster fish, or if weight restrictions are a consideration in getting to Fiji, you might do better with graphite or composite, which offers various balances of the benefits and drawbacks of graphite and fibreglass.

Rod length is another consideration. With a longer rod, you can cast farther, but a shorter rod will help you land those fierce fish who will fight you to the very end.


Many sport fishermen consider the reel to be the singular most important piece of tackle. There are a dizzying number of options available. When you want to catch large, feisty fish you will probably want a baitcaster reel, which allows you to use larger bait. A baitcaster reel is extremely sturdy and allows higher precision in casting than a standard spinning reel would. It’s an excellent choice for trolling and jigging, which are the most common techniques for sport fishing in Fiji.

Load Up and Head Out

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