Fiji Fishing Tips For Catching GT

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Fiji Fishing Tips For Catching GT

Some of the largest predator reef fish in Fiji, GT (Giant Trevally) can range from 5kg to 50kg, and are notorious for putting up a mighty fight and trashing your tackle. Even the most experienced anglers expect to burn through a few lures before besting a GT, but there are a few tips that can make the hunt more successful.

Go Where The GT Are

While other varieties of trevallies and predator fish frequent the calm reefs of the inner lagoons, the really big GT prefer the rougher waters of the breakers on the outer barrier reef. In Fiji, fishing for GTs from the Mamanuca Islands means you'll need to hire a fishing charter to take you to the outer banks of the reef.

Use The Right Equipment

Giant trevallies are ruthless fighters. They like to crush your surface tackle and drag it down into the reef for the fight. Most often you come up with a snapped line or decimated lure within the first minute. If you make it past that, the bout is real and it's time to see what you're made of.

To improve your chances of success, the proper tackle and casting gear is critical.

Poppers and stickbaits: Poppers are designed to float on the surface and require the angler to jiggle the rod to get the lure to "pop" and splash and bubble, like a small, injured fish would. Predator fish like the GT can't resist the easy meal and surge to the surface and swallow the lure along with your tackle. Stickbaits work in a similar way, though they're longer and have more resemblance to a real fish.

Heavy tackle and casting gear: What tackle you attach to your lure is even more important. If you're hunting GTs up to 50kg, you should use tackle that is at least 45-58kg line class, though a bit higher is ideal given the struggle some GTs put up. For your casting gear, use a 36kg braided line on a heavy-duty fibreglass rod outfitted with a large spinning reel.

Fiji Fishing Charters Can Help You Land A Giant Trevally

Whether you're an experienced angler or just out for an enjoyable day on the water, a skilled fishing charter captain can help you navigate unfamiliar water and take you where the GT are. Be sure to check with the fishing charter company before you go as some require you to bring your own lures and tackle when going after GT.

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