Dos And Don'ts Of Surf Fishing In Fiji

By admin

Last month we gave you some tips for better surf fishing in Fiji. Now let's take a look at some common mistakes we see anglers making and what to do instead.

Choosing Your Location

Don't just pick a beach and start casting. Most of the beach line in Fiji is private property, whether there are signs indicating a no fish zone or not. While many resort owners will just politely ask you to leave for an infraction, legal action and hefty fines could result if you're caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Do find out where surf fishing is permitted. Generally, you're not going to find any good places around Denarau Island if you're staying at one of the resorts. Your best course is to hire a fishing charter to take you out to an offshore island. Not only will you be on the right side of the law, but fewer people and congestion will result in more successful fishing anyways. A bonus to hiring a charter is that you can do some reef fishing for GT or trolling for marlin on your way to and from the island.

Using The Right Gear

Don't take your deep sea or pier rod into the surf. Every fishing application has its own recommended type of rod for a reason. If you use a rod not recommended for surf fishing, you may go home empty-handed.

Do buy or rent a surf fishing rod. Recall that last week we talked about the cast distance being a major variable when surf fishing. If your location requires you to cast very far out, a specialised surf fishing rod between 9'-14' is recommended.

Bonus tip: don't use a makeshift rod holder (like a chair or cooler), which could quickly get drug out to sea by a fast fish. Invest in a real rod holder intended for surf fishing to keep your equipment safe.

Minding Your Safety

Don't assume that because you're on a beach you're safe. Undercurrents and strong waves can pull your feet out from under you. If you're wearing waders, be sure to wear a belt to prevent them from filling up with water and dragging you under.

Do mind your safety. Watch the waves and be careful of how far out you wade, especially in high tide. Also, if you're fishing alone, be sure to tell someone where you will be and when you plan to return.

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