Choosing The Right Lure For Fishing In Fiji

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The lure you choose has a lot to do with the type of fish you'll attract (and catch!). If you've never saltwater fished before it can be intimidating to understand what type of lure to choose for the best results. That's why we've created this primer; to give you some tips on choosing a lure that will bring the fish right to you.

5 Popular Types of Lures And When to Use Them

The biggest thing to keep in mind when fishing is how the fish feed. Fish use scent, sound, and movement to detect prey. If you know how the fish you're angling for hunt, you can choose your lure based on those hunting patterns.

1. Jigs. These lures are extremely versatile and are great for shallow and deep water, which makes them the most popular saltwater lure. Jigs can imitate a variety of bait from small fish to crustaceans to invertebrates. "Living rubber" jigs are especially successful in saltwater fishing because they move in such a realistic fashion, which draws attention from curious predator fish. Metal jigs can bounce across the bottom or be worked through the water.

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2. Surface Poppers. Poppers resemble injured fish (i.e. an easy meal for a predator fish) splashing across the surface. They are noisy and provide movement that will draw many interested game fish to your line looking for an easy catch. They work best at dawn and dusk when fish come to the surface to feed.

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3. Plug Lures. These are great low-effort lures. Carved from wood or made of plastic, they imitate the shape and swimming action of smaller fish. Plugs get their movement from their design; they may rattle, shake, vibrate, or even have lights to draw fish. That means you can cast them in the water and retrieve them at your own pace without doing anything else to draw attention. Perfect for an easy day out on the water.

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4. Spinnerbaits. If you're fishing for inshore species, this is your lure of choice. Fish are attracted by the sound and movement this lure makes, not the way it looks. The quick flashes and vibrations made by the lure sound like small fish.

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5. Spoons. Spoon lures are highly effective because their quick flashes resemble swimming fish. Predators are likely to strike quickly when they see one of these dancing in the water. Spoons cast far, and easily, which makes them a great choice if you're fishing in unfamiliar waters.

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These are just 5 popular types of lures; there are plenty more out there. If you're fishing with a guide, put their experience to work for you and base your lure choices on their recommendations. The Captain at Fiji Fishing Charters has over 20 years of experience and can be counted on to help you make the best lure choices for your day out on the water. Call +679-6706-439 to reserve your spot today!