Black Marlin Fishing Charters In Fiji: How To Catch Marlin

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Fishing for marlin off the coast of the Fiji islands requires more than just luck. These game fish are known for their size, strength, stamina and ability to elude capture. Solid angling skills win the day.

Tackling these specimens on your own isn't an option. If you hope to haul one aboard, plan to venture out on one of the established black marlin fishing charters in Fiji. Aided by a captain who knows the waters and a crew that can help you make the most of your gear, you'll have a much better chance of catching one of these alpha predators.

Below, you'll find actionable tips for stacking the deck in your favour. They'll help to prepare you to test your mettle against game fishing's most coveted quarry.

Use Live Bait

Working with live bait is inconvenient and messy. But it's worth the effort if you're planning to troll for black marlin. They're naturally curious and attracted to movement. Live bait will catch their attention. With that in mind, yellowfin tuna and skipjack are good options.

Dead bait can be effective if it's rigged to appear as if it's alive. Your prey might assume the bait is wounded and come to investigate.

Watch The Direction Of The Swells

A lot of migratory fish species travel with the swells. Black marlin is one of them. These predators can reach up to 450 kg (or more) in weight, expending considerable energy to move through the water. They're inclined to take advantage of the free ride.

A lot of seasoned big-game anglers take that into account when trolling for this fish species. They manoeuvre themselves according to swell direction to improve their chances of catching it on their hook.

Focus On The Reefs

Black marlin are easier to catch near reefs than over sand. When waves hit the reefs, the energy created by the impact lifts food toward to the surface. The marlin follow the food and are more likely to see your bait.

The Lunasea, one of the top black marlin fishing charters in Fiji, regularly visits the Mamanuca reefs near the coast of Denarau. Those are prime hunting grounds for the area's apex predators.

Be Patient

Patience is an important part of game-fishing. Hours may pass without action. The key is to remain alert and be prepared to respond when you catch a bite.

Trolling for black marlin is a lot like playing chess. It's about planning, discipline and self-restraint. You want to plan ahead and manoeuvre yourself so you're in a good position to take advantage of opportunities. Then, you want stay vigilant so you can act on them without hesitation.

Expect A Lively Fight

Of all the game fish near Fiji, black marlin put up the fiercest fight. When snagged on your hook, they'll jump, swivel and buck like bulls. Expect your endurance to be put to the test.

It's a daunting experience for the uninitiated. But with a seasoned captain and helpful deck crew in your corner, you can successfully catch this beast.

Find A Charter With An Experienced Captain

Catching black marlin isn't easy. One of the best things you can do to improve your chances is to find a charter with a captain who has years of experience under his belt. He'll know where the marlin tend to congregate at different times of the year. He can also offer hard-won advice on the best ways to catch them.

You'll have your pick of several black marlin fishing charters in Fiji. Before selecting one, talk to the captain about his experience. Our captain at has spent more than 2 decades trolling the waters near Namotu and Tavarua for big-game fish. He's an expert. Contact us today to reserve your spot on our fully-appointed game fishing boat and take advantage of his expertise.