Best Season For Fiji Fishing

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When Is The Best Season For Fiji Fishing?

The short answer is none - because Fiji fishing is incredible year-round! Most species we catch in and around the reefs of the Mamanuca Islands can be found all year long, though it is true that in some seasons you will be more successful than others.
Ready to plan your next Fiji fishing adventure? Here's a quick overview of the best seasons for our most popular game fish.
Fiji Weather Makes It An Ideal Year-Round Destination For Water Sports
Depending on where you're coming from, it's important to understand Fiji's seasons in general. This can be confusing, particularly for westerners coming from the Americas, as our seasons are basically opposite from theirs. Summer in Fiji is January to April, while June to September is the coolest season of the year (though we'd be hard-pressed to call it winter when the water is still a balmy 24-27° C). Fiji's temperate climate makes it ideal for year-round fishing, surfing, and scuba diving.
Fiji Fishing By Season
For serious anglers with their heart set on landing a trophy fish, there are certain seasons when different species are more prolific based on temperature, currents, mating, migration and other seasonal patterns that affect most animals.
Another consideration for boaters is the weather. Fishing inside the reef is calm all year, but heading out to the blue in the winter months can be a bit rougher.
Barracuda Year round October - March
Black marlin August - October February - March
Bluefin trevally Year round January - April
Dogtooth tuna Year round January - April
Giant trevally Year round January - April
Mahi Mahi Year round January - April March
Sailfish Year round June - September
Short billed spearfish May - October
Spanish mackeral Year round October - March
Striped marlin August - September
Wahoo June - September
Yellowfin tuna Year round February - April, June - September
Whether your main agenda for coming to Fiji includes a charter or you decide to go fishing on a whim, hiring a Fiji fishing charter ensures that you make the most of your trip in any season. The experienced captain and crew at Fiji Fishing Charters have been fishing the waters of the Mamanuca reefs for years - in every season. Contact us today to start planning your Fiji fishing adventure!