Basic Dos And Don't Of Charter Fishing In Fiji

By admin

Charter fishing is one of the most popular activities in Fiji. Both novice and experienced anglers look forward to setting sail early and getting into position to bait, pop and jig their prey. Whether you hope to catch black marlin, wahoo or Spanish mackerel, your time spent on the water will never be without reward.

Having said that, your experience on the boat will be heavily influenced by the things you do and don't do before and during the trip. Following is a quick-start guide for making the most of your game fishing excursion.

Do #1: Take Steps To Avoid Seasickness

Seasickness can be miserable. A sensitive stomach can feel turbulent even if the water is smooth.

Fortunately, you can avoid that sensation.

First, eat bland food before getting on the boat. Saltine crackers and white bread are good options. They'll help to prevent an upset stomach.

Second, while aboard, look toward the horizon on occasion. Seasickness often stems from the brain receiving different messages from visual stimuli. Give your brain a chance to readjust every once in awhile.

Also, consider wearing an acupressure bracelet. Some people report the pressure it applies to the wrist acts like an antiemetic.

Do #2: Manage Your Expectations

It's natural to think of charter fishing in Fiji as a surefire ticket to catching a large number of fish. To be sure, that does indeed happen. It often seems as if the fish can't wait to climb aboard.

But sometimes, the fish are unresponsive. There's no rhyme or reason to it. That being the case, it's helpful to set out with the right expectations. Maybe you'll have an excellent day and catch one after another. But be prepared to catch none at all.

Do #3: Listen To The Captain And Deckhands

The captain and crew know what they're doing. They've been taking people out on the water for many years. They know where the fish tend to congregate based on season and the best ways to catch them. The captain and his deckhands can also advise you regarding how to use the equipment to maximise your chances of hauling in your prey.

If you have questions, just ask. Remember, the captain and crew have an incentive to make sure you enjoy the experience.

Don't #1: Fret About Lost Line

This is pertinent if you bring your own equipment.

Charter fishing in Fiji usually involves sharing the boat with a few other guests. When the fish are biting, it's common for the lines to become entwined. Everyone is moving back and forth to pull in their catch. When the lines become a hopelessly tangled mess, the best option is sometimes to cut them.

Having your line cut isn't pleasant if you've brought your own gear. But knowing it's a possibility will make it easier to bear.

Don't #2: Wear Uncomfortable Shoes

You're going to be on your feet for a significant part of the morning and afternoon. Wear comfortable shoes. They should have rubber soles to minimise slippage on the wet deck.

Boots are usually a bad option. If you own deck boots, check with the captain to make sure they're acceptable. Shoes with pointed heels are also a bad option since they can damage the deck.

Don't #3: Choose A Charter On Price Alone

Low-priced charters are seldom a bargain. The captains are usually forced to cut corners in terms of amenities and services in order to make a profit on excursions.

Before choosing a charter, ask whether food and drinks will be provided. Inquire about the quality of the equipment you'll use. Also, verify that the captain and crew are properly licensed and certified.

You have a lot of influence over how much you enjoy charter fishing in Fiji. Review the list of dos and don'ts above to ensure your fishing vacation is thrilling, satisfying and memorable. Then, contact Fiji Fishing Charters to reserve your spot on our comfortable, fully-appointed 34-foot game fishing boat.