3 Factors That Influence Casting Distances

By admin

Casting is an important part of deep-sea fishing, and it can be a struggle for fishermen at any level. There are many things that can throw off your distance and casting success but in this post we break it down to the line, the rod, and your casting style.

3 Factors That Influence Your Cast

The Line. The line has a lot of influence on your casting distance. The diameter and weight of the line will affect how you can cast. Heavier, thicker lines just won't go as far as thinner lines. Thinner lines also create less friction and wind resistance while soaring through the air, allowing them to move further out than thicker lines.

The amount of line on your reel and its age and quality have an impact too. Full spools allow the line to peel off easily and unhindered. Less-than-full lines can encounter resistance at the lip, which will slow down the line and reduce your distance. If you don't regularly use your full length, it can get stuck in a coiled position. This will interfere with casting ability.

The Rod. Longer rods lead to longer casts. Another factor that influences distance is the rod's action and power. Medium power and moderate action will maximize the cast. Heavier rods won't bend or load as much, which will limit your casting ability. If the rod is too light, the lure can overpower it and even break it in extreme cases.

Casting Style. You undoubtedly have your own unique casting style, which makes it difficult to say with certainty that any one change in technique will improve your distance. In general, though, there are some things to try that can help you:
• Don't let out too much line. Aim for ¼ of the rod length to hang loose from the tip. This sweet spot of length allows momentum to carry the line without excess weight dragging it down.
• Use the rod to assist. Feel for tension in the rod and let your line fly. The energy in the rod will transfer to the line and carry the line further.
• Get the timing right. No line is going to travel very far if you mess up the timing. Stop your cast just a tad past vertical. This is the point where rod tension is greatest. If you release too early, the line will go high, but not far. Too late and the line will go low and short.

Getting your line out there is important, but it's not the only factor that will play into your fishing success. No one says you have to cast far to get a good bite. It's more important to place the lure correctly than it is to get it way out there, but again, your casting skills will help you land the lure right where you want it to be.

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