Fiji Fishing Tips For Catching GT

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Fiji Fishing Charters offers tips for catching giant trevally, including the best lure, tackle and casting gear needed to win against these persistent fighters.

Best Season For Fiji Fishing

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Fishing Seasons

While most game fish can be caught year round, some Fiji fishing seasons are better than others for landing certain species. Contact Fiji Fishing Charters to plan your trip.

How To Choose The Right Fishing Reel

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Fishing Reel

Fiji Fishing Charters offers tips for choosing the right fishing reel. Based on where you're fishing and what you're chasing, local guides can help you select a reel.

How To Choose The Right Fishing Line

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Fishing Line

The right fishing line can be the difference between landing the big one or watching your line snap. Let Fiji Fishing Charters help you choose the right fishing line.

Tips For Reef Fishing In Fiji

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Reef Fishing

Reef fishing in Fiji can be challenging, but knowing your quarry, what gear to use, and where to go can make for a great day. Use these tips from Fiji Fishing Charters.