When To Use Bait And When To Use A Lure

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Bait or lure? That's the age-old question every fisherman faces. It's probable that you'll carry both live bait and artificial lures on your excursion, but knowing when to use each will help you actually catch a bite and haul in a trophy fish.

How To Choose The Best Rod And Reel For Fiji Sport Fishing

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Choosing the right rod and reel for your dream trip to Fiji depends on what you hope to catch. The astounding waters around Fiji are home to a huge variety of game fish, from wily Marlins and Pacific Sailfish to lightning-fast Wahoo and Mahimahi with their crazy acrobatic antics. Here’s some food for thought when you are considering your purchase.

Six Most Popular Game Fish In Fiji

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Here in Fiji, we’ve got many of the world’s favourite salt water game fish species, so whether you’re looking for a trophy, a delicious haul, or the primal challenge of man against nature, you’ll find your bliss in Fiji.

The 5 Best Things About Fishing In Fiji

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For many big game anglers, fishing in Fiji is the high point of the sport. This relatively small area in the South Pacific is the destination of choice for game fishing enthusiasts.

Basic Dos And Don't Of Charter Fishing In Fiji

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Charter fishing is one of the most popular activities in Fiji. Both novice and experienced anglers look forward to setting sail early and getting into position to bait, pop and jig their prey. Whether you hope to catch black marlin, wahoo or Spanish mackerel, your time spent on the water will never be without reward.